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Downloading Genotype Data from T3

This video shows how you can use the Search Wizard to download genotype data from the database. For more information on downloading genotype data, you can read the Genotype Download Documentation.

These videos by Ismaila Olaniyi demonstrate some of the primary features of T3 and how to use data downloaded from the database.

More videos from the Geospatial Data Science Lab at Purdue

Downloading Phenotypic Data from T3

This video shows you how to find one or more trials from a particular breeding program and how to download all of the trait data for a trial from the trial detail page.

Converting Julian Dates to Days After Planting

This video shows you how to convert the Julian Date used in time-series traits to days after planting for a trial where the planting date is known.

Jessica Rutkoski has adopted Breedbase as a data management system to be used in the day-to-day breeding activities of her lab. She has created some useful how-to videos on using some of the more advanced features of Breedbase and how she incorporates them into her breeding routines.

More videos from Jessica Rutkoski

Making barcodes in Breedbase

Learn how to make barcodes for any list of items using Breedbase

Downloading seedlot information for a list of accessions

Learn how to find and download seedlots for a list of many accessions in Breedbase.

2020 Workshop

These videos are from a virtual workshop we held in 2020, which goes over the process of loading Phenotyping Trials into T3/Breedbase. Each video is a clip from the workshop and is broken down by data type.

The notes from the Workshop, which include more information about the upload templates and links to the demo data that were used, can be found here: /static_content/files/2020ScabWorkshop/notes.html

Part 1: Introduction

Workshop Introduction - Workshop goals, where to find blank upload templates, data submission overview

Part 2: Locations

Finding existing locations, adding new locations using the map or uploading a template

Part 3: Accessions

Using the Synonym Search Tool to find existing entries, the Accession upload template, adding new Accessions

Part 4: Trials

Trial metadata, the Multi-Trial upload template, adding new Trials

Part 5: Traits

Breedbase trait management, searching for traits, the Phenotype Observation upload template

Part 6: Observations

The Phenotype Observation upload template, uploading observations, viewing phenotype data

Integrating Breedbase in Day-to-day Breeding Activities

Jessica Rutkoski explains how she uses T3/Breedbase in the daily breeding activities at the University of Illinois

Speaking of Oats...

This video is an overview of T3/Breedbase and its Oat instance at a 2021 Speaking of Oats... seminar, organized by Oat Global and the Oat Newsletter

Speaking of Oats... The T3 Database and Applications to Oats

An overview of T3/Breedbase, highlighting its main features, and how they can be used by the Oat community.

Breedbase Videos

Breedbase has their own YouTube channel, which covers many of the different features supported by Breedbase and how they are used in different crops. Most of the information in these videos can also be applied to T3's version of Breedbase.

Breedbase YouTube Channel